Our history

Web-Build started on 1 January 2022. Founder and owner Mathias wanted a website service where you don't have to spend a lot of money for a website. But instead for reasonable money and top quality of the finished product. There have been many considerations on how to start Web-Build. This is where Johan comes into the picture. Johan is a very experienced web developer, with experience in various programming fields. We quickly agreed on how Web-Build should be run and immediately started with our own website and various templates to be created, so our customers could see some of our products and what we can deliver. Web-Build was then launched 1 January 2022 and can now be found on various social media sites ready to help you!


Former website and webshop for customers


KKacademy offers professional motocross training by a former winner of the Danish championship and experience in international racing.


Sallymane - Barber

Sallymane is a hairdresser located in Aalborg. At Sallymane there are 3 hairdressers and 1 student, who keep the salon running from Monday to Saturday.


Klaus Jensen - Live stream

Klaus Jensen streams from YouTube Tuesday, Thursday and Sunday. The content from the stream is a bit different, but mainly FiveM from DanishRP.