Website with Dashboard?

If you order a website, webshop or anything else from Web-Build, you can choose a dashboard that is connected to your website or webshop. On your dashboard you can manage and get an overview of your company's website. You can manage the following for both website and webshop -

  • • Overview (Accounting, Online Traffic, Marketing, Graphs and Statistics)
  • • Homepage (Settings, News, Reviews, Your Pages, Customer Contact)
  • • Webshop (Invoice Settings, Products, Orders, Coupons)
  • • Users ( Staff List, Manage)
  • • Profile (Edit, Subscription, Settings)
  • • Customer Service(Contact Web-Build)

  • You don't have to pay extra for a dashboard. But the dashboard is only part of the content of some packages. Therefore, you should consider which package you choose and see the contents first.

    Website with Webshop

    You also have the option to have a webshop created for your business. Your webshop will be connected to our dashboard so you can manage it. On the webshop you can sell all kinds of products, which can be sorted in categories and in filters (Price, New Products, Deals etc...)

    The webshop will be adapted to your company, wishes and requirements. You would have a basket set up for your webshop where you can manage your order. At the same time, we also set up payment methods for you. So when we launch the website, it is ready to use!

    Website Design

    If you want a website for your business, we can make it for you too. When we create websites and webshops they are programmed and designed in Html, Css, Php and a lot of database stuff. That means we do NOT use various programs to make the website, like Wordpress etc...
    When we create a website for a client, we focus a lot on making it unique and customized 100% to the company. Of course, we meet all the requirements, needs and wishes for the website, while also coming up with some ideas for it ourselves. The website for a company is the face of the company online Therefore, it is important to have a 100% functional website, which is unique and has the company's footprint.